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  • Due to COVID-19 concerns, all club-sponsored runs have been suspended until further notice.
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Santa Clarita Runners Club
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Hello, we are still here! Like the rest of you we are trying our best to navigate all that is going on. Mask, no mask, businesses open, businesses closed, curbside service, working from home (yeah we know how that goes), Zoom meetings, educating online, it goes on and on!

How about a little normalcy for an hour? Intervals you say? Well, tomorrow is Tuesday! You know what that means, TNT, Tuesday Night Track! Or Tuesday, whenever, Track.

Trying to keep us all on the same level during these times. If we run the same workouts at least we can feel like we are together.

Even though Coach P&P can’t be with us in person, they are with us in spirit. Always thinking of the club members they are giving us the weekly workout.

Tomorrow’s interval session will be:

3 X 600

3 X 400

3 X 300

3 X 200

Be sure to warm up and cool down after!
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Santa Clarita Runners Club
TNT, Tuesday Night Track. Yes we need to keep up on these workouts. We can’t let the Covid win! Stay Strong and Stay fit!

Tomorrow’s workout, provided by Coach P&P, will help us stay strong and stay fit.

Warm up
2 X 800-200 recovery- 600

2 X 600 -200 recovery- 400

Cool down

Be sure to hydrate well with the heat. Choose a time that fits your schedule.

We will be back together some soon!
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Santa Clarita Runners Club
TNT, Tuesday Night Track. Posting these workouts on Monday, since we can’t run together, so you can plan your day tomorrow. Morning , midday or evening, pick the time best for you and get em done!

You can’t hide from the fact that interval training will help your running. So come out of hiding, find a location and run those intervals!

Weekly Interval Workout from Coach P&P.

Warm up

2 x 800 with 200 walk/jog recovery

2 x 600 with 200 walk/jog recovery

4 x 400 with 200 walk/jog recovery

Cool down
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Santa Clarita Runners Club
For 38 years SCRs and the City of Santa Clarita have combined to host a “Independence Day Classic”, 5 and 10k race.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and in the interest of public safety, the annual Independence Day Classic Races put on by the Santa Clarita Runners on the Fourth of July have been canceled. However, the City of Santa Clarita and Santa Clarita Runners are partnering to bring the yearly 5K and 10K races to participants virtually for free!

Those interested in running the virtual 5K or 10K can register for free through Scrunners.org. Runners will be able to complete the distance – 3.1 miles or 6.2 miles – anywhere they choose over the Fourth of July weekend. Once a runner has completed the race, he or she will submit the finishing time through Active to be scored after the event.

Whether you want to rack up the miles in your neighborhood or go for a long run through the City’s off-street trail system, you get to choose the course! All you need to do is register online, run your race and have fun.

For the past 30 years, the Santa Clarita Runners Club has donated all proceeds from the Independence Day Classic Races to high school cross country programs in Santa Clarita. Please consider donating to the Club so high school runners can continue to receive needed financial support.
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Wow, what a finish! It has been a close competition for the last 7 weeks. The teams changed places many times and took on the weekly challenge. Not only did we all have fun, it kept us in shape by giving us a goal. We finally crossed the finish line!

The Covid Challenge was a weekly challenge between 10 five person teams. Participants were placed on a team based off a 5k time they submitted. Carolyn and Sue made equal teams that averaged out to 26-26:30 per team. No easy task!

We were given a run of various times or distances. Each team member ran the challenge and reported there time/distance to their team captain. A team average was reported each week.

The challenges included up to a 20 min run and as short as a half mile. Each participant received 3 Race Series points and the weekly winning team received an additional point, maximum points was 5.

This event was presented to the club by Margaret Reilly-Bates,, who son’s college team did it to stay in shape while not training together.

Thanks to coordinators Carolyn Gordon and Sue Davis. They had to make equal teams, tally up each teams times, figure out the average and produce the results!

The following is a note from them;

All COVID DASH teams have completed their final challenge!! You each survived 7 weeks of various runs. We thank you for participating, hope you each met someone you didn’t know before (most likely not in person with social distancing), were encouraged to get out and run when you really didn’t want to, and, when the weeks run was over with, you had some fun! Thank you to the captains for getting results in and encouraging your teams along the way!

Here are the 7th weeks results, we had 8 teams out of 10 improve their overall team average mile time from week 2, and several individual runners ran faster mile splits!

1st Keepin’ the Distance 6:42 (earning first place points!)

2nd Kickin’ Asphalt 6:45

3rd Cloud 9 6:46

4th Stayin’ Alive 6:53

5th Whippet Good 7:01

6th Covid ConTENders 7:03

7th Second to None 7:10

8th Better Chafe Than Sorry 7:11

9th SEAL 7:23

10th Fast & CURE_ious 7:31

Don’t forget to go to the website, scrunners.org and report your Race Series Points, (for this event):
Every participant earns 3 points; weekly team winners will all earn 1 point with a 2-time maximum (Maximum points a participant can earn is 5 for this event). If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out to Carolyn.

Keep Runnin’,
Carolyn & Sue
Santa Clarita Runners Club
Santa Clarita Runners Club
TNT, Tuesday Night Track! Ugh, once again we have to run these on our own (Or with some friends, shhhh). But we are still not able to meet at COC.

No joke, running intervals WILL improve you running! Hopefully when we get back on the track, these solo workouts will keep us in shape to run together!

Coach P&P always have our best interest in mind. They want to keep us inspired and in good running shape!

Suggested workout for this week

4 X 300 – 100m Jog

4 x 400m – 100m Jog – 300m

4 x 200m – 100m jog



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Where Are We Running?

To see where we are running next, click below for our calendar or see our Weekly Workouts below.


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    Weekly Workouts

    Sunday Long Runs

    Our Sunday morning long run distances provide excellent training for the Los Angeles Marathon in the spring and the Santa Clarita (or New York) Marathon in the fall.  Check our calendar for this week’s distance.

    Not running a marathon?  Routes of other distances are available as well.

    6:30am – Granary Square, 25830 McBean Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355

    Note:  This run is temporarily suspended due to covid-19 guidelines.

    Tuesday Night Track

    Weekly track workout hosted/coached by Phil Howard.  Coach Howard provides a different workout each week, designed to increase your speed and endurance.  All levels welcome!
    Club members only.
    Please bring water only (no sports drinks).
    6:15pm – College of the Canyons, 26455 Rockwell Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA  91355
    Note:  Please confirm location each week prior to joining us, updates on our Calendar or on our Facebook page.
    Note:  This run is temporarily suspended due to covid-19 guidelines.


    Thursday Night Tempo

    Our Thursday Night Tempo runs offer a different course each week along the trails of Santa Clarita.  The route is typically 4-6 miles, with shorter options available.  We regroup at key points along the way.

    Dinner together after the run.

    6:15pm – Location Varies (check our Calendar); location is also posted on our Facebook site on the day of the run.

    Note:  This run is temporarily suspended due to covid-19 guidelines.

    Saturday Morning LoweNuts Run

    Also known as the LoweBucks run (at least until Starbucks moved), this is a standing 10-mile out-and-back course with various marked shorter routes.

    Coffee afterwards at Starbucks.

    7:00am – Lowe’s parking lot near Dunkin Donuts / In-N-Out, 26415 Bouquet Canyon Rd Santa Clarita, CA

    Note:  This run is temporarily suspended due to covid-19 guidelines.

    Club Sponsors

    Santa Clarita Runners, P.O. Box 800298, Santa Clarita, CA 91380-0298